Mens Suits Tunisia

Mens Suits Tunisia

Mens Suits Tunisia believe that every man needs to have a well-fitted suit. But with so many options out there, knowing how to pick the right suit can be overwhelming at times. For these reasons Mens Suits Tunisia has come up with. The essential buyers guide to help you choose the perfect Men’s Suit in Tunisia.

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Here at Men’s Suits Tunisia we don’t want you to feel pressurized. When buying the perfect suit. That’s why these buyers guide for the perfect Men’s Suit in Tunisia. Men’s Suits Tunisia created this guide. To provide you everything you need to know to guarantee you the best-looking suit when you walk in the room. We want heads to turn in your direction.

First Up Suits Measurement Guide

No matter how much money you spend on a suit. If it looks restrictive, too tight, bulky, too big or awkward it still won’t look good. Choosing the perfect fit can be a long process. But it’s half the fun and better than wearing an uncomfortable suit. So here are the things that matter.

  • Shoulders: Shoulder pads must lie flat and never protrude past your shoulders. The seem of your shoulders must meet the seam of the sleeve where your arm meets your shoulders.
  • Length Of Jacket: The back of the jacket must fall in a straight line. With the bottom draping over the top of the curve by your bottom. And not lower than your knuckles. With arms straight out you, it must be possible to cup your fingers under the sides of the jacket.
  • Sleeve Length: This should never be lower than the base of your thumb.
  • Closure: Jacket should fit around your stomach it must not be too tight.
  • Trouser Break – This is where your trousers meet your shoes. The cuff must rest on the top of your shoe.

Slim Cut Suits

An ongoing trend for Men’s Suits in Tunisia. Is a tighter slimmer fit suit this is contemporary. You will need to make sure that the fabric of the suit never looks stretched or pulled in any way. These type of suits are often shorter in style and more tailored. They are also a narrow fit with tapered trouser legs.

Modern suit trousers sit higher up o the show with a slim hem opening. They tend not to touch the shoe. And fits the sockless trend suit wearers.

How To Measure For A Tailored Suit

If you don’t have your own personal tailored. Like 90% of the world, then it’s always good to know how to take your own measurements for a suit. Learning how to measure for a suit is essential if you plan on buying from a tailored instead of a shop. Measure yourself by following the below instructions.

Where To Begin

First, you are going to need the following: tape measure, pen, and paper of course. And a willing friend to help. Here are a few tips before we begin. wear a collared shirt and trousers NOT JEANS. Never hold the tape measure stretched or too tight against the body. It must be flat, not strained. Take measurement to the nearest half center meter.

  • Neck Measurement – Measure around the neck at shit collar level. You should not feel restricted by the tape.
  • Shoulder Measurement – Take measurements from the end of your left shoulder to the end of your right shoulder.
  • Chest Measurement – At nipple, the level takes a horizontal measurement under the armpits. And over the shoulder blades.
  • Waist Measurement – At The Bottom Of Your Rib Cage Take A Measurement.
  • Seat Measurement – Take a measurement around your hips and buttocks at the widest point.
  • Thigh Measurement – At your thighs, fullest take a horizontal measurement.
  • Back Measurement – Roughly take a measurement down your back. From collar to the opposite end of your naval.
  • Sleeve Length – Take a measurement from the seams of your shoulders to where the sleeve ends.
  • Height Measurement – Measure from the top of your head to the floor standing on a level surface without shoes.

Suits Buttons

3 Button Suit

Big in 1990 the 3 button suit can look a bit stuffy and outdated and is not seen in contemporary suits. Three button suits create a higher v on the chest and work well with taller gentlemen from 6.4″ and taller.

2 Button Suit

More found in today’s modern age it creates a deeper v and longer lapels as it elongates the torso.

1 Button Suit

More cutting edge creating a sharp and sleek look. This style does not suit everyone and some might see this type of suit as a hipster because of the even lower v.

Suit Inner Linning

The suits inner lining was once upon a time only seen on the more expensive suits. But now it’s available to suits of all price grounds. The suits inner lining is not there to look good. It has a structural purpose to as a lined jacket is heavier this making it warmer. It also lays over =your body and does not crinkle or catch on your shirt too. Please take note that once the inner lining of your suit has torn. It compromises the structural integrity of the suit. making it only a matter of tie before the suit falls apart. so take care not to tear the lining with car keys.

Suit Pockets

Jetted Pockets are the most formal pocket of the suit. It sits flat and it’s sewn into the lining of the jacket and only with a narrow slit is it visible on the exterior.

Flapped Pockets

Less formal although found on many apparel items. It’s the most common jacket suit pocket. And more practical than jetted pockets. As they prevent things from falling out your pocket.

Hacking Pocket

Hacking Pockets although rare, they’re cut. And flapped pockets and comes from English riding gear.

Patch Pocket

The least formal of all the pockets is the patch pocket. Which is a sewn patch on the exterior of the jacket and is often found on casual suits.

Chest Pocket

The chest pocket should never hold anything more than a handkerchief. Or pocket square.

Internal Pockets

Internal pockets are useful. And are ideal for holding items like credit cards, mobile phone. NO CAR KEYS – REMEMBER INNER LINING.

General Housekeeping Rules For Men’s Suits Tunisia

  1. NO KEYS OR SHARP OBJECTS OF ANY KIND. Objects like these must be, kept far away from suit pockets as they often rip the lining of a suit.
  2. Avoid having to carry any bulky items as they affect the look of the suit.

How Much Should I Pay For A Suit

One of the biggest factors of where to buy a suit is always the cost of the suit. But how much should I spend on a men’s suit? Or what am I looking at on average in a suit? Suit prices vary, so it’s ow much your willing to set aside on a suit.

When buying a suit trust your own opinion, if you don’t feel comfortable or believe you look good on it. It’s a high probability everyone else will look at you and think the same. And when trying on a suit make sure to bring smart shoes and a collared shirt.


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