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Suits DurbanSuits Durban Offer The Widest Selection Of Wedding Suits, Business Suits, Formal Suits and Dinner Suits To Choose From!

Suits Durban


Make an impression and command respect with men’s suits from Suits Durban. Durban Suits offer the widest range of men’s suits in Durban that fit all size men and all size budgets. For many decades a men’s suit has been the standard dress code in the workplace. In today’s modern age, although many believe that a mans suit is conservative, the modern man will add his own touch of style.

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Quality Mens Suits

Here at Suits Durban we retail all types of suits including wedding suits in Durban. Formal suits in Durban. Business suits in Durban and even dinner suits in Durban. Choose from a selection of fabrics, colours, patterns, styles and brands including Carducci suits in Durban. Monatic suits in Durban and Viyella suits in Durban.

Every man should own a suit. Whether its a blue suit or a navy suit. The suit maketh the man. We offer a wide range of men’s suits including. Blue Suits, Men’s Suits, Business Suits, Dress Shirts, Overcoat, Suit Pants, Polos, Striped Suits, 3 Piece Suits, Navy Suits, Suit Trousers, Tailored Suits, Dinner Jacket, Grey Suits, Black Suits, Pinstripe Suits, Light Grey Suits, Slim Fit Suits, Chinos, Dress Shirts, Waistcoats, Slim Fit Suits, Charcoal Suits, Stripe Suits, Pocket Square, Slim Fit. And Suit Jacket.

Suit Answers To Questions

Answers To The Questions You Have Been Asking Us At Suits Durban!

Q: What Is A Triathlon Suit And Do You Stock It?

A: Unfortunately we don’t stock Triathlon Suits. A Triathlon suit also known as a tri suit. This piece of garment is thin and breathable. And is worn for sports, it comes as a one piece to two piece suit.

Q: How Should I Wear My Suit?

A: You should always try a suit on before buying it. When choosing the colour of your suit, choose it according to the intended occasion or the time of year.If you plan on wearing a tie, choose plain colours and not bright. Experiment with different types of colours and finally. Never miss a pattern suit with a pattern shirt.

Q: How Do Jacket Suit Sizes Work?

A: Suit Jackets and Sport Coats work with one number which refers to your chest measurement. And one descriptive word for example 42 Long | 40 Regular | 30 Short which refers to the length of the jacket.

Q: How Should I Wear A Suit For Summer?

A: This is how you should wear a suit for summer, loose the socks or get ankle socks. Leave the tie, loosen the buttons and above all get the right material.